Harpers 2000

Journey to Airspur

Journey to Airspur

The party completed their work in the cursed upsidedown city of Tunia, and has been instructed by The Order of the Blue Flame to return to the region which most of the party calls home. Once they return to the city of Loudwater, they will be contacted as needed.
Given some provisions and a little bit of traveling money, the Blue Fire Wizards completed a ritual of Phantom Steeds to give the party a head start to the city of Airspur where a passage on a ship could be acquired to sail the Sea of Stars to the land of Cormyr. From there the party should be able to travel overland and avoid the civil unrest in Nathlan and the Dragon Coast.

Airspur is truely a city of Marvels, The Brightest of the Fallen Stars, (although the disrespect for gravity has some of the party upset given the bad taste Tunia has left.) Airspur is built in a river canyon, with the general population living in houses on either side. At the bottom of the canyon are a series of shipyards built to access the river which opens to a bay of The Sea of Fallen Stars. Over the top of the river however are dozens of Earth Motes, giant floating rocks. On these motes, the upperclass of Airspur has built the downtown of the city.



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